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Bassie and Nnamdi: Colours of Love and Nature

We have not posted in a long time. It has been a combination of work around Nigeria, lots of travel e.t.c. We have received a lot of calls and messages in this time to inquire as to when the next post was landing. Well, it has landed! We start with this beautiful wedding of Nnamdi and Bassie.

Nnamdi called the office up one of those days to inform us he is getting married and we were to be his wedding photographers.  He had been following our works for about 2 years and when his time came to get married he had no other choice in mind.

Nnamdi obviously loves photographs or so we thought, until Bassie came into the picture…….no comments……..  They demanded a lot from the crew and we were intent on delivering photographs they would be proud of.  We did not have all the time in the world to deliver on their pre wedding session as both of them live outside Lagos but we did our best and this is one of those images we crafted for them.


We had to fly all the way to Eket in Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria for their traditional wedding. All top Nigerian photographers know when it comes to culture and colourful weddings,  no body beats that part of Nigeria. They know how to deliver a dramatic and colour wedding ceremony any day. Nnamdi and Bassie’s wedding was an exciting one of dance, beautiful dresses, parades, colours, and nature smiled on them with some awesome skies and cloud formation on that day. We have tried to represent all this for you to be a part of the day as it happened.
Bee’s hair was meticulously prepared for her day by this awesome hair dresser.  And as the preparations went on, this handsome  just stared at everyone wondering what exactly? I wonder.  Momsie got ready first and and she was amazing, resplendent in her head gear. She was ready for her daughters day.  The bride spared nothing either as she made the preparations to step out . She had hired the amazing to be her makeup artist.  and wow, did she do a good job? The bride was practically glowing. and full of life.  Nnamdi was not going to be outmatched.  He was taking his time to prepare for his day as well.  And as he stepped out you could see a man happily going to claim his love.
We took out time to take the important pictures for every wedding – the pictures with the family the bride is leaving for her husbands house.  and when it got to the pictures of the sisters we wanted something that will capture the love and laughter they had shared together all their lives.  We went on with a number of combinations trying to get them to get playful and abandon their inhibitions and fright of the camera.  Spot on!!!! We got one. A true, from deep within, moment of laughter shared between three sisters who love themselves.  A classic reminder of what sister hood is all about – Lifelong friendship. Outside, things were set and ready for the couple to be married according to the culture and customs of the Eket people.  As Nnamdi prepared to come to prove his mettle, we took some pictures of him…..Was he nervous, confident? I hope the next set of cameras i buy reveal what a man is thinking before he goes up to get married.
Whats best to have around you on your weddin day? Good friends who will make you laugh and forget the nerves. Exactly what Nnamdi had with him. The best set you could have.
Finally, Nnamdi started his procession to “husband-hood”! Ushered in by a brass band. It was a loud, colourful announcement of his intentions. When he finally appeared before the brides family, he was made to go through various physical test to prove he was physically fit to marry Bassie.  The Groom!  It was Bassie’s turn to come in to greet her people and it was a beautiful dance once you should see and not be told about.  There was a short break after this. A time out allowing for the bride and the groom to go change their clothes and refill 😉 Again the bride danced in…..This time to  formally agree  to her family to marry the groom.  Nnamdi sat quietly confident as he waited for Bassie to dance in.  He then joined her on the dance floor to convince her with his dancing skills to say yes and give him a glass of wine to quench his thirst.  This is the very essence of all ceremonies in this part: where the bride and the groom share a drink from the same glass to signify their acceptance of each other and their desire to be joined as husband and wife. First the mother and father of the bride drinks from the glass and bottle Then the couple share from the same glass and finally the grooms parents drink from same glass and bottle. This goes to show an acceptance of all who has shared of the drink that they are all of the same family.  From then on its dance and dance and photographs and more dancing.  I  have been to Eket twice now for a wedding and if there is something i love, its the way the sun sets with beautiful colours.

Beautiful right?

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