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When I typed Vitiligo on my PC as I was uploading these pictures, it highlighted it red, meaning this word does not exist. That describes how ignorant the world is about this health situation. If  you consider that Michael Jackson was reported to have had this disease and it was the reason he depigmented and became a white man and yet people do not know about it, then you will understand my desire to try to bring this to your attention through my photographs.

Vitiligo is a disease in which people loose melanin in patches of their skin resulting in the whitening of those areas.

These are some of the pictures of that event. You can find more information at

The venue was at the Paul Dike hall in VI

The NN24 crew interviewing  people with Vitiligo Reading VITSAF newsletter Members of the Vitiligo Family This was a beautiful couple at the event. I just loved this girls stare. It started with a prayer there were dances Singing A documentary but the most intriguing event of all was this demonstration by MUD’s Haastrup. He showed how you can cover up the vitiligo patches with MUD products in less than 5 minutes.

(VITSAF derives its existence and emergence as a result of lack of understanding and support for people living with Vitiligo in Nigeria and West Africa where so many assumptions about the condition holds sway. It is created to bolster the diminished confidence and the low self esteem usually experienced by persons distressed by Vitiligo and also addresses the issue of stigmatization and solution to the condition).
©Akara Ogheneworo Photography

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