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Love Around The World: Tolu and Aanu

Aanu and Tolu are obviously heads over heels in love. Clearly so…..If you look at these pictures and you do not feel so, send me a mail and I will make a refund. Both couples live at two different extremes of the world, The US and Australia and I live in the middle of their love, Nigeria which is were they came to celebrate their love. This is one post i have been preparing for a long time. Onyinye has been harrassing me about this and I have finally shown it to the world….Happy Now? ūüėõ I am feeling super excited this morning and so I have put a humourous twist to this story. ¬† As always we woke up early to start documenting this beautiful day and it was fun all the way. Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-001-(Side-1)Tolu dressed up from a hotel bearing in mind how important her photographs were to her and the ¬†stress it relieves. Everyone ¬†tried to keep to time so we do not run late for church. Her brides maids wanted her happy so they went about getting ready on time.¬† Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-002-(Side-2)As we all started off preparing, we took out time to document those little things that make the day ¬†beautiful. Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-003-(Side-3)I am going to tell you the story of Onyinye. Onyinye does not wear makeup ordinarily. On a normal day, she would have sprinkled on her powder and strolled to this wedding. Being a part of this train, she had no choice but to be made up and when she came ¬†out from under the expertise of our make up artist, she could not believe it was her who looked as she did………beautiful. Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-004-(Side-4) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-005-(Side-5) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-006-(Side-6) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-007-(Side-7) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-008-(Side-8) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-009-(Side-9) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-010-(Side-10) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-011-(Side-11) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-012-(Side-12)Over at Aanu’s hotel, things were moving on quietly, as he got ready to marry the love of his life.¬† Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-013-(Side-13) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-014-(Side-14)Mkutha Banda is a great man! Mkutha is Aanu’s Zambian friend who came with him all the way from Australia to help him tie his tie well…… Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-015-(Side-15)….And be his best man. Mkutha is a great man! He is such a lovely fellow. He told us tales of his native land and in the little time we spent together, I felt like I had know him all his life….Mkutha, your pictures are coming to a cinema close to you soon. Tolu on the other hand was super eager to get ready and get out of her hotel room. She had every body primed to go to church. She did not want to be a second late to her wedding.¬† Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-016-(Side-16)The haste, nerves and tension however did not prevent Tolu from showing her mischievous side on her wedding day.¬† Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-017-(Side-17) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-018-(Side-18) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-019-(Side-19) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-020-(Side-20)Awesome bride right?¬† Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-021-(Side-21)Tolu was so beautiful, ¬†Aanu’s heart stopped a beat when he saw her.¬† Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-022-(Side-22) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-023-(Side-23) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-025-(Side-25)Enough of that. Tolu was back to her, “I want to go to church quickly”, self. Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-026-(Side-26) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-027-(Side-27) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-028-(Side-28) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-029-(Side-29) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-031-(Side-31)Should i look? Should i not…….The thoughts just before his heart stopped a bit and we had to revive him….that was how beautiful Tolu looked when Aanu saw her. She stunned him!¬† Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-032-(Side-32)The prayer for his revival or the praise for their beautiful love? You will never know now, will you? Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-033-(Side-33)Aanu and Tolu shared their vows with such intensity, you could feel the prick of it if you touched it. Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-034-(Side-34) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-035-(Side-35) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-036-(Side-36) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-037-(Side-37) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-038-(Side-38) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-039-(Side-39)As all around the activities went on, there, sat this young man, his head on his jaw. What was he thinking? O! GOd!!! What am i doing here? WOW! I cant wait to have my own bride? I want dad and mom to have another wedding so I can see how they will do theirs? What was he thinking? ……Maybe plain, I AM HUNGRY!!!! Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-040-(Side-40) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-041-(Side-41) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-042-(Side-42)After Church, we went back to the hotel for some beautiful pictures of the couple and their train.¬† Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-043-(Side-43) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-044-(Side-44) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-045-(Side-45) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-046-(Side-46) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-047-(Side-47) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-048-(Side-48) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-049-(Side-49) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-050-(Side-50) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-051-(Side-51)…..This is where you see how much this couple love themselves.¬† Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-052-(Side-52) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-053-(Side-53) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-054-(Side-54) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-055-(Side-55) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-056-(Side-56) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-057-(Side-57) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-058-(Side-58) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-059-(Side-59) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-062-(Side-62) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-060-(Side-60) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-061-(Side-61) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-063-(Side-63) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-064-(Side-64) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-065-(Side-65) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-066-(Side-66) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-067-(Side-67) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-068-(Side-68) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-069-(Side-69) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-070-(Side-70)I love this cake! Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-071-(Side-71)But what i loved most was how hard Aanu tried to dance in an effort to express his joy. Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-072-(Side-72) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-073-(Side-73) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-074-(Side-74) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-075-(Side-75)After the ceremonial feeding of each other ( why do we even do this sef?) more dancing started. Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-076-(Side-76) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-077-(Side-77) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-078-(Side-78)It was a joyous occassion. Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-079-(Side-79)Every one was glad to see every one Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-080-(Side-80) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-081-(Side-81) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-082-(Side-82) Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-083-(Side-83)Except the bouquet. It was so abused and torn apart, it was not really happy to see all this single ladies. Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-084-(Side-84)But did they care? They were happy to see each other after a long time of being away from each other.¬† Aanu-and-Tolu---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Potography--By-Akara-Ogheneworo-085-(Side-85)Which is one beautiful thing about weddings. It brings friends who have been apart for years together after a long time. ¬†You see genuine, hugs, back slaps, kisses, smiles, tears and my favourite is when two ladies see themselves and start screaming ” It is a lie!!!” ¬†What is the lie? That the person standing in from of you is not real? Or that your eyes have lied to you before and this is another one of those lies?¬†ūüôā

Please leave a comment for this beautiful couple below on the comments space if you enjoyed their day through these pictures!

I loved shooting Aanu and Tolu’s wedding ceremony. I am eager to also shoot yours. ¬†Call me up on 08025019121, 08183557625 or send me an email now via¬†CIAO!

©Akara Ogheneworo Photography

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  • Emy 'p' Ogbuabo - February 4, 2014 - 1:24 pm


  • Blessing - February 4, 2014 - 8:29 pm

    Loving this wedding photographs! You nailed it here.ReplyCancel

  • Eddie - February 4, 2014 - 8:47 pm

    Boss is an idol, from out of this world.ReplyCancel

  • Femiluv - February 4, 2014 - 11:02 pm

    So many good pictures, but I think my favorite is the one of the bored child hahaReplyCancel

  • Kemmy - February 5, 2014 - 3:17 am

    Akara!!! Chaii, you totally nailed this like seriously! Welldone!Please can we apply for a re-shoot of ours because you have done ojoro o!?lol. Tolu, Tolu, Toluuuu…How many times did I call you? How can you be this pretty nah! haba! You were so stunning dear. Congrats once again. God bless you both.ReplyCancel

    • Akara Ogheneworo - February 5, 2014 - 8:02 am

      @KEmmy, the babe was stunning on her wedding day. Yeah! We can do a reshoot of your day :)…….You know the financial implication of that. Once you are ready to invite the over 1000 guests you had at your wedding and rent the hall again with everything you provided, call me and i will do it for free. ūüėõReplyCancel

  • Tomi Lasebikan - February 5, 2014 - 10:46 am


  • Ebun Aluko - February 5, 2014 - 7:51 pm

    Lovely pictures from a beautiful dayReplyCancel

  • Qtdiva Olamiday - February 6, 2014 - 6:44 pm

    Congratulations to my lovely cousin and her husband……This is a nice post. ?…for those of us looking for love, God would visit us with our own personReplyCancel

  • Mojisola Kehinde-Okitika - February 14, 2014 - 4:08 am

    Thanks for capturing these wonderful moments and hearty congratulations once again Tolu and Aanu.

  • Ebele Anolue - March 7, 2014 - 12:35 pm

    i totally loved d pictures n d bride is indeed a beautyReplyCancel

  • AKIN - May 28, 2014 - 2:59 pm

    Good job. but please always put venues and probably the vendors. like this Tolu AND Aanu wedding was in Osogbo, but couldnt get the church and reception venues. i think the engagement took place at conference centre isale aro, osogbo, and hotel-ideal nest along the express.

    this is actually a good job, pix were nice.

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