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Ife + Sunmade 2014: Lighting Up Osogbo

It is usually the ladies that press my case till they get me as their photographer, here Dapo was the one on my case. He did not relent one bit.

In the middle of last year, Dapo sent me a mail to enquire about my services. After much back and forth, he booked for his day and the journey of our friendship began. Of course i had to meet Tope and after I did, the reason the bug had bitten Dapo was clear….That smile, that beautiful spirit of hers was contagious and when you are with her you don’t want to leave.

Through the months we had course to talk about their plans and adjust them accordingly to help this couple achieve the fairy tale they wanted. From the moment we did their pre wedding session in Lagos i knew i had a fun couple.

So on this beautiful sunny morning in the ancient town of Osogbo, we were privileged to shoot a wedding between two love birds, both of whom sang the same tune.

I present to you as the  shiny example of love, our very own Dapo and Tope……


Tope and Dapo’s accessories were carefully picked by them both.

Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-001-(Side-1) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-002-(Side-2)But there ring was one that told a lot of their love. A man who loves a woman goes out of his way to buy a ring that will make her fall in love again. These rings are did their job.   Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-003-(Side-3)Tope’s bridesmaids shoes were so eager to do their part they ran downstairs leaving the brides maids behind. They had to be shooed back upstairs.

Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-004-(Side-4)And as Tope looked at how beautifully her day was unfolding, she couldn’t keep her self from smiling and watching the day Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-005-(Side-5) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-006-(Side-6) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-007-(Side-7)Dapo was not in a hurry either. When you have a woman like Tope eager to marry you, you ensure everything is right. Dapo? He took his time.  Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-008-(Side-8) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-009-(Side-9) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-010-(Side-10) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-011-(Side-11) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-012-(Side-12) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-013-(Side-13) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-014-(Side-14) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-015-(Side-15)Beautiful right? That is exactly what the camera thought too.
Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-016-(Side-16) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-017-(Side-17) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-018-(Side-18) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-019-(Side-19) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-020-(Side-20) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-021-(Side-21) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-022-(Side-22) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-023-(Side-23) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-024-(Side-24)With these couple we had enough time to take pictures. Dapo and Tope were not joking o! There took their time with their photographs. Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-025-(Side-25) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-026-(Side-26)I love a fun wedding party any day.
Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-027-(Side-27) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-028-(Side-28)As Tope stepped gingerly out for the last time as a single lady, she decided to take that final shot with the single girls before becoming Mrs Afikode.  Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-029-(Side-29) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-030-(Side-30)With that done, we set off for church and the walk was one where she pondered what lay ahead with all sense of  solemnity.  Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-031-(Side-31) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-032-(Side-32) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-033-(Side-33) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-034-(Side-34) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-035-(Side-35) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-036-(Side-36)It was in that state Dapo and Tope took their vows and signed off themselves to each other as husband and wife.  Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-037-(Side-37)Around the church the kids who have a long to achieving this fairy tale were expressing their joy as their aunt and uncle went into marriage.  Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-038-(Side-38)and o what joy they expressed!!! Do you see the best man? Gazing like, Chai when do i get to do mine? See this people torturing me……………There is God o……hehe!  Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-039-(Side-39) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-040-(Side-40) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-041-(Side-41) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-042-(Side-42) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-043-(Side-43)It was joy, photographs, dancing and love as the day continued…. Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-044-(Side-44) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-045-(Side-45) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-046-(Side-46) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-047-(Side-47) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-048-(Side-48) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-049-(Side-49) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-050-(Side-50) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-051-(Side-51) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-052-(Side-52) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-053-(Side-53) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-054-(Side-54) Dapo-and-Tope-by-Akara-Ogheneworo,-Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photographer-055-(Side-55)I enjoyed my relationship with these two on their wedding day. They were fun to be with and the love they showed each other was genuine.

Thank you for viewing this and feel free to say your best wishes and send a comment below for the couple.

If your wedding is coming up, this is the time to book your day so someone else does not. Send us a mail via and we will reach you back.


©Akara Ogheneworo Photography

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  • Tolu - May 28, 2014 - 11:13 am

    Congrats Tope and Dapo!!! I am so happy for u. Some great shots here Akara….Awesome!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Muna - May 31, 2014 - 2:48 pm

    Really lovely pictures; captured just the right moments. Happy Married Life, Tope and Dapo!ReplyCancel

  • Okunrounmu Tunde - June 1, 2014 - 8:46 am

    nice job sir,GOD will continue strenghten youReplyCancel

  • Wydot - June 3, 2014 - 6:28 pm

    Nice job girl. Like your work. WydotReplyCancel

  • Denkelly - June 11, 2014 - 5:56 am

    NICE JOBS U gath out there….KudosReplyCancel

  • Samson Solomon - June 17, 2014 - 2:06 am

    nice one boss

  • Joyandmike Douglas - September 3, 2014 - 8:12 pm

    Beautiful quality ReplyCancel

  • Ugwu Hillary - January 22, 2015 - 9:05 pm

    BOSS U 2 MUCHReplyCancel

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