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Have you seen a bride who starts her wedding day crying? Maybe. I had not until I met Ruth who used to be called Iyayi in those days……Those days seem so far away now. Its not everyday a wedding day starts with tears but this day started that way and if only i knew it was not going to be a normal day….It was not the normal wedding day you see.

This was a day when fairies came out to make dreams come true. It was a day when love was embodied in humans and danced until he could not anymore. It was in such a day when people longingly wish they were so loved that Seun and Ruth celebrated their love.

This wedding was shot by myself and Monsuru Tiamiyu one year ago and yet the love we captured that day has not withered nor wilted. It has giving birth to Chairman Jomi, that awesome boy whose smile melts your heart.

This is the story of the love that I am a witness of.

Seun fell in love and his life was changed. He met a princess of the royal lines of the Benin Kingdom and he knew she was not an ordinary being. He set about making her dreams come true and like a true Emirati, he did fulfill his vow to himself.

And so on the day when he set out to make a vow to this princess he was ready and he showed he was.

His Accessories were personalised. He did not want anyone to make a mistake about his intentions. Everything he did had a statement on it From his cufflinks, to his shirt to his wedding suit on which he had boldly stated his love for Ruth, One statement alone was clear…..I, Seun Badmus – SB – ……….Do take thee, Ruth Iyayi…….To be my lawful wedded wife…..

Blog-Template---Ruth-001-(Side-1) Blog-Template---Ruth-002-(Side-2) Blog-Template---Ruth-003-(Side-3) Blog-Template---Ruth-004-(Side-4) Blog-Template---Ruth-005-(Side-5)And being Ruths birthday, he started by sending her a cake and then making her cry…. Blog-Template---Ruth-006-(Side-6)Such was the love he professed that even I, Akara Ogheneworo of the land of Isoko, whose men are warriors and strong was broken. I shed a few tears myself but i had to make sure they did not come out of my eye so i could see through the camera’s lens.  Blog-Template---Ruth-007-(Side-7)And while Ruth was crying due to the overwhelming love this man had shown her, Seun was all hand shakes with his boys, who were saying you are the boss….and he was saying, i have just started.  Blog-Template---Ruth-008-(Side-8) Blog-Template---Ruth-009-(Side-9)So in he goes and begins the preparations that would set him forth to claim his prize jewel.  Blog-Template---Ruth-010-(Side-10)In another far end, so far that men who dared go there knew the cost of the drive and the lenght of it and only went there because of the treasures buried therein, was the crown jewel of them al,l Ruth. There she sat and was being adorned and beautified for her prince by the amazing Dainty Affairs.
Blog-Template---Ruth-011-(Side-11) Blog-Template---Ruth-012-(Side-12)Her maids all around her were eager to look the part because the princes of different kingdoms were coming with Seun and they wanted a piece of the action. Blog-Template---Ruth-013-(Side-13)As time flies in those parts, very soon the time to set out was nigh and Seun was not one to be late. The task ahead required haste and he was determined to set out on time.  Blog-Template---Ruth-014-(Side-14) Blog-Template---Ruth-015-(Side-15) Blog-Template---Ruth-016-(Side-16) Blog-Template---Ruth-017-(Side-17) Blog-Template---Ruth-018-(Side-18)but not without prayers…….and all the princes men put their hands on him and shared with him their spiritual authorities. Blog-Template---Ruth-019-(Side-19)Far away, our princess was ready and her eyes twinkled at the love that had been showered upon her from the tip of her head to the sole of her shoes.  Blog-Template---Ruth-020-(Side-20) Blog-Template---Ruth-021-(Side-21) Blog-Template---Ruth-022-(Side-22)And before long, she set out to meet her prince.
Blog-Template---Ruth-023-(Side-23)Who was busy inspecting his princes to be sure none had anything amiss. Blog-Template---Ruth-024-(Side-24)Meanwhile, Ruths maids were happily prancing about and dreaming of their own handsome prince on a white horse.  Blog-Template---Ruth-025-(Side-25) Blog-Template---Ruth-026-(Side-26) Blog-Template---Ruth-027-(Side-27) Blog-Template---Ruth-028-(Side-28) Blog-Template---Ruth-029-(Side-29)While Seun prowled the venue ensuring every single detail was as he had dictated, his bride arrived

The commander of the royal troops and personal guards of the princess was hurriedly signalling his men to start the procession.  Blog-Template---Ruth-030-(Side-30)And in they came ushering in the bride…. Blog-Template---Ruth-031-(Side-31) Blog-Template---Ruth-032-(Side-32)The ceremony proper began afterwards and it was with all solemnity that Ruth and Seun said their vows to each other

I …… take thee to be my lawful wedded… have and to hold, …..till death do us part.
Blog-Template---Ruth-033-(Side-33)I give you this ring as a symbol of my love……. Blog-Template---Ruth-034-(Side-34)It was time to kiss his princess and Seun Badmus did not “fall our hand”. Blog-Template---Ruth-035-(Side-35)Such was the joy of these two at being wedded that they danced on the streets for all to see. Blog-Template---Ruth-036-(Side-36)At the reception, the cake was one fit for royalty……A horse drawn cake.
Blog-Template---Ruth-037-(Side-37)The lighting of the hall was glorious Blog-Template---Ruth-038-(Side-38) Blog-Template---Ruth-039-(Side-39)And when it was time for Seun and Ruth to come in, it was with pomp and dancing they were ushered. Blog-Template---Ruth-040-(Side-40)And they didn’t disappoint all those who had gathered to see them get married. They danced in such ways that had not been seen ever before in the kingdom of Beninolazazou or in Lagosmunda. Blog-Template---Ruth-041-(Side-41)The Prince and Princess danced so much the king decided to promulgate a new decree that henceforth for you to become king, you must outdance the prince.
Blog-Template---Ruth-042-(Side-42)That was going to be no mean fit.  Blog-Template---Ruth-043-(Side-43)For these two were the definition of dance and none alive could have danced like this for the fairy of dance inspired them herself.  Blog-Template---Ruth-044-(Side-44) Blog-Template---Ruth-045-(Side-45)I wonder what this young woman saw that made her eyes pop so much. I have a theory though……Prince Seun and Princess Ruth invented the dance type called “twerking” and after the display i wont be surprised if all the men had to hide themselves.

The thought of it, no wonder Chairman Jomi came so quickly.
Blog-Template---Ruth-046-(Side-46) Blog-Template---Ruth-047-(Side-47)Just when we thought we were done, Prince Seun open a new chapter in the book of the day, he serenades the bride. All ladies in the room at this point were green with envy and the gentlemen were hiding their croaking voices. Blog-Template---Ruth-048-(Side-48) Blog-Template---Ruth-049-(Side-49)The love and friendship between these two was apparent to every one in the kingdom at this point.  Blog-Template---Ruth-050-(Side-50) Blog-Template---Ruth-051-(Side-51) Blog-Template---Ruth-052-(Side-52) Blog-Template---Ruth-053-(Side-53) Blog-Template---Ruth-054-(Side-54) Blog-Template---Ruth-055-(Side-55)Every one wanted to take a picture with the princess as a souvenir of this day. Something they could use to associate themselves with the princess. Blog-Template---Ruth-056-(Side-56)Meanwhile in the castle, the young maidens had gathered to dance for the prince and the princess joined them to give him a dance he will not forget in a hurry.  Blog-Template---Ruth-057-(Side-57)So hot was this dance that children who dared to look had their eyes popping out.  Blog-Template---Ruth-058-(Side-58) Blog-Template---Ruth-059-(Side-59) Blog-Template---Ruth-060-(Side-60) Blog-Template---Ruth-061-(Side-61) Blog-Template---Ruth-062-(Side-62)And everyone was rushing to take pictures of the royal couple. Blog-Template---Ruth-063-(Side-63) Blog-Template---Ruth-064-(Side-64) Blog-Template---Ruth-065-(Side-65)and as the party started with lots of dancing, all the people of the kingdom joined in eargerly.  Blog-Template---Ruth-066-(Side-66) Blog-Template---Ruth-067-(Side-67)It was dancing like it has not been seen in these parts for a long time.  Blog-Template---Ruth-068-(Side-68) Blog-Template---Ruth-069-(Side-69) Blog-Template---Ruth-070-(Side-70) Blog-Template---Ruth-071-(Side-71) Blog-Template---Ruth-072-(Side-72) Blog-Template---Ruth-073-(Side-73)This wedding was fun. Not only did i enjoy myself immeasurably, everyone who came here did.

This post is also up to wish this couple a beautiful one year anniversary and an amazing life together as they begin their second year together today as man and wife.

This post is also to wish Ruth Badmus a happy birthday. Happy Birthday dear.

If you are a princess and your prince wants to make your dreams come true, call us. We will be there to photograph your event.


©Akara Ogheneworo Photography

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  • Monsuru Tiamiyu - June 10, 2014 - 9:57 am

    Nice post boss, and also to wish Seun and Ruth a wonderful wedding anniversary, and I pray as they grow together, they will grow in love, wealth, blessings, children, good health and all the good things life has to offer.ReplyCancel

  • Ebele - June 10, 2014 - 11:25 am

    Akara u r a wonderful n funny story teller, beautiful couple, beautiful picture, beautiful story, rily wish u will cover my own memorable day #doro top photographer#ReplyCancel

  • itohan - June 10, 2014 - 3:02 pm

    Nice one bro.. well done and happy wedding anniversary to the love birds. May your home continue to be filled with love Nd laughter.ReplyCancel

  • Azeezah - June 10, 2014 - 5:25 pm

    Awww! Such a lovely nd hilarious post! U have a way with words… Wishing the couple a beautiful life together. And I hope my own wedding looks as magical as theirs 😀ReplyCancel

  • Funsho - June 11, 2014 - 8:55 pm

    Nice work, Happy anniversary dearie.ReplyCancel

  • Desola Leke Oyedemi - June 11, 2014 - 10:44 pm

    Wonderful is certainly an understatement…..

  • Femiluv - June 16, 2014 - 6:27 pm

    They seem like a very fun loving couple!ReplyCancel

  • Spencer Soyemi - September 2, 2014 - 9:44 pm

    I was so proud to be at my homeboys wedding! It brought me joy to be at this event. Wonderful images!ReplyCancel

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