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IB + KOYE: Zanzibar Destination Wedding

Some people dream, others make reality! 

Ibilola and Koye’s story is the kind you read about in a fairy tale novel and watch in a Disney movie.

There is a lot i would have said but i have decided to be quiet and allow them speak for themselves in this post.

This is the way a wedding should be organised. I loved every part of this day from the beginning to the end. The way Ib and koye made this day awesome,  was, awesome!!!

IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-001-(Side-1) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-002-(Side-2) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-003-(Side-3) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-004-(Side-4) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-005-(Side-5)

How we met


Where did this great journey begin? All the way back to the early 90’s, 1990 to be precise. Koye was this fresh prince with his loafers; Ibilola was a princess that had heads turning. We may have been pre teens but for boys, it was all about the candy girl. We had our eyes on each other but so did a few others. We only had the 1-year crush as Koye was shipped off to the UK to continue his studies.  You may be wondering… what changed?

While Koye was in London, Ibilola soon embarked on a Canadian adventure. That initial connection when we were just kids kept us communicating despite the London to Toronto distance, however timing was never right for either of us. As God dictates all including time, fast forward to 2013. Koye, finally made his move, one of the best moves in his life and that was to pursue a treasure that was always infront of him. Did that treasure play hard to get? YES. But Koye brought his A Game to deliver and seal the deal. Our first time spent together on holiday told the story. Get through a holiday with someone special and you can get through anything so long as you both have your eyes on the same goal.

IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-006-(Side-6) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-007-(Side-7)

About Ibilola

My Queen

AMAZING is how I would describe Ibilola to kick start my thoughts.

We all search for a treasure in life and through various journeys and experiences (so long as you do not give up), you find what it is you are searching for. Since the age of 12, Ibilola was right in front of me, but what did I know about treasures back then. I was trying to avoid detentions in school. However, that 1 year in ISL (International School of Lagos, Nigeria) that I had known Ibilola, it was destiny for us to be connected.

It took a while, but I eventually rediscovered my treasure. She was always there, but I was blinded. A prayer to God and taking a leap of faith sealed the deal.

She makes me happy, makes me laugh, keeps me in line and appreciates me for who I am. You cannot ask for anything more. Ibilola is a gift sent from above and I am fortunate to have been blessed with such a gift. Her care, her thoughtfulness and her focus make her the ideal match for me. When special meets special, you get greatness.

Ibilola – “Eeyan pataki ni e. Inumi dun gan.”

Mon’ife e. Je t’aime. I love you

IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-008-(Side-8) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-009-(Side-9) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-010-(Side-10) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-011-(Side-11) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-012-(Side-12)Ibilola took her time to do her makeup, her hair and her nails by herself.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-013-(Side-13) Blog-Template
IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-015-(Side-15) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-016-(Side-16) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-017-(Side-17)

About Adekoye

Adekoye is what I never knew I always wanted.

I am unable to use one word to describe my koykoy… no one word seems sufficient. “Kind” repeatedly comes to mind so does… caring, protective and wonderful.
I have known Koye for over 20 years. We never dated but I have always known he was special. Koye kept in touch over the years and we even sometimes talked about getting together however the time was never right. I remember the day I saw Koye in Canada in preparation for our first vacation together, I knew … how can I explain that deep knowledge that knows no reason… this is the man for me. God had sent me my one and only, a rare gem.
Koye had known it much earlier though and waited patiently for me to realize the inevitable. Koye and I are remarkably similar in some aspects yet different enough to make life interesting. Koye is loyal and a real gentleman. He smiles with me when I am happy and comforts me when I am sad. Most importantly, Koye accepts me as I am, he understands me… he “gets” me.
Every morning, I say a little prayer for my king, I thank God for Adekoye who is my friend, my confidante, my rock, my light, my one…
Adekoyejo… Together we have something special, a love that is strong and true. Getting married to you fills me with so much pride.
“This day I marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream of, and love”

IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-018-(Side-18) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-019-(Side-19) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-020-(Side-20) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-021-(Side-21)

How we got engaged

The Proposal

What more can one do than fly their special soul mate to the city of romance, PARIS. Although the trip was a birthday gift, Koye again had to be on his game to do the double. The scene was set at the Pershing Hall hotel and restaurant, after a romantic day out. Now most ladies always know when that question is coming especially at dinner, all dressed up and looking like A list celebs. But, no, Koye had to make Ibilola wait. Dinner over, walk back to the apartment, Koye could see the sparkling eyes of Ibilola. Walk through the apartment and get on the knees and pop that priceless question…………………

Koye: “ Ibilola Fabunmi, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

Ibilola: Pause

Ibilola: laughter

Eventually the yes came out and nothing beats the moment of embracing one another after making a commitment of a lifetime.

We are extremely blessed to have each other in our lives and we thank God daily for uniting us. We only look forward with happiness, love and commitment, knowing that today, tomorrow and years to come will be special.

One of the beautiful things about this wedding was Ibilolas desire to have it as african as possible. You would notice the Masai men flanking the walkway.

IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-022-(Side-22) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-023-(Side-23) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-024-(Side-24)The wedding location was set on the beach along the indian ocean in the idyllic island of Zanzibar.
IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-025-(Side-25) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-026-(Side-26)after the bride had proceeded in to meet her groom, the Masai men went on to flank the entire ceremony.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-027-(Side-27)In 15minutes tops the ceremony was over and we were in for a beautiful evening.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-028-(Side-28) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-029-(Side-29)These were all the guest we needed to have a wonderful wedding……Friends and Family.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-030-(Side-30) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-031-(Side-31) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-032-(Side-32) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-033-(Side-33) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-034-(Side-34) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-035-(Side-35) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-036-(Side-36) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-037-(Side-37) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-038-(Side-38) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-039-(Side-39) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-040-(Side-40) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-041-(Side-41) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-042-(Side-42) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-043-(Side-43) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-044-(Side-44) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-045-(Side-45) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-046-(Side-46) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-047-(Side-47) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-048-(Side-48) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-049-(Side-49) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-050-(Side-50) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-051-(Side-51) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-052-(Side-52)After a beautiful session of photography for the couple, it was time for the reception and the hall was so beautiful  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-053-(Side-53) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-054-(Side-54)The decor simple, the lighting, beautiful and romantic. IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-055-(Side-55) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-056-(Side-56)then the dancing started and from here on it was a competition of joy.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-057-(Side-57) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-058-(Side-58) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-059-(Side-59) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-060-(Side-60)this couple were the bomb. They set the right tone for dancing and it got everyone started. IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-061-(Side-61) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-062-(Side-62) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-063-(Side-63)The couples first dance is when you know a couple in love. Koye and Ib have love in their eyes when they look at each other.
IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-064-(Side-64) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-065-(Side-65) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-066-(Side-66) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-067-(Side-67)And when Koye took the mic to talk about IB, she couldn’t help shedding tears as the love poured forth.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-068-(Side-68)A beautiful wedding is as dependent on the couple as it is on the guests and we had beautiful guests at this wedding.
IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-069-(Side-69) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-070-(Side-70) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-071-(Side-71) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-072-(Side-72) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-073-(Side-73) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-074-(Side-74)The food, oh the food! Exotic as anything i have seen. The food!!! IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-075-(Side-75) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-076-(Side-76)With everyone full and energised, the time for  test dancing was here.
IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-077-(Side-77)Prepped and exposure tested, we started off as a reflection watched to see what the other reflection was doing in the mirror.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-078-(Side-78)Nothing about this wedding was conventional from the grooms clothes to the cake, IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-079-(Side-79)The way they fed themselves  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-080-(Side-80)and took their drinks.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-081-(Side-81)When it was time for the tossing of the bouquet and Tiyan made her intents known from the word go.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-082-(Side-82)She practically leapt off the ground to grab the bouquet and caught it with a snatch.

Blog-Template1 Blog-Template

and after all the dancing teases, the moment of truth was here and the shoes started going off as the dancing started.

IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-086-(Side-86)I always say let your wedding be fun, else do not have one. If it stresses you out, then it is not what it should be.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-087-(Side-87)The guys were not left out with their splits and oldies IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-088-(Side-88)Then Ib and Koye showed us how to dance when you are just married.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-089-(Side-89)and it went uphill from there.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-090-(Side-90) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-091-(Side-91) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-092-(Side-92) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-093-(Side-93) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-094-(Side-94) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-095-(Side-95) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-096-(Side-96) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-097-(Side-97) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-098-(Side-98) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-099-(Side-99) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-101-(Side-101)I was not left out of the line dance, with all the fun around I had to join in.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-102-(Side-102)When it was time for “You go chop my money” Koye promised IB loads of it including a central bank.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-103-(Side-103) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-104-(Side-104) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-105-(Side-105)When it was all said and done, it was all about Koye and IB. While everyone was inside dancing and having fun, these two crept out to have a moment together alone to enjoy the beauty of love. I took this picture without their knowledge IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-106-(Side-106)We also walked around a little to work the venue more IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-107-(Side-107) IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-108-(Side-108)I even followed them to their room to see this beautiful arrangement of flowers that had been done as a surprise by the hotel staff.

Imagine the things you can do on this bed with the scent of flowers around you.  IB-and-Koye---Zanzibar-Destination-Wedding-109-(Side-109)It is fun when your wedding is about you and your family. I will advice that the wedding above be the template for you own wedding. Have fun. Play, laugh and celebrate love.


Call us on +2348025019121, +2348183557625 or email us at if you want to do your own fairy tale wedding. We will galdly be there to shoot it with you.

©Akara Ogheneworo Photography

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  • Bee - June 30, 2014 - 3:59 pm

    This wedding was a first on me on so many fronts. Thank you for capturing the momentsssssssss. Great work!!ReplyCancel

  • Confidence-Akpe Tawo - July 1, 2014 - 9:31 am

    You killed this one Akara Ogheneworo. Absolutely amazing pictures and moments captured.ReplyCancel

  • Femiluv - July 2, 2014 - 7:07 am

    What a beautiful celebration of love! The bride is so beautiful. Love her hair!ReplyCancel

  • Ladejobi Kehinde Omolade - July 2, 2014 - 2:18 pm

    nice picture and lovely couples

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