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Olayinka + Matthew: The Event Place, Ikeja

Its unusual of me to allow someone else tell my stories but i had to give in to this couple. Matthew and Olayinka as they present their love story….

Love stories in marriages often comes with beautiful dynamics. Some are dramatic like movies, some so simple and unbelievable, others like songs broken into verses, yet symphonies together into a common chorus. That’s why everyone loves to hear it.

Our own song started in 2001 in EAC of USCIS (United States Center for International Studies) studying for the SAT and TOEFL. We were a group of friends all studying together and aspiring for different colleges in the US.

The Groom Matthew: I had this instinct of sneaking and sniffing on people’s personality without they even knowing it. I was a natural mind reader as well as of attitude and peculiar interest. As expected, everyone in the room were young, smart and intriguing, we all soon began to unfold little by little. Olayinka was this young lady who wouldn’t talk but was very very observant, and apparently, we were gradually clashing into each other’s ”spying-space” while trying to observe every other person in the study room. She was a modest dresser, caramel complexioned, and walked briskly.

What, however, stood her out from others, was her persistent fun of inviting one person or the other to a fellowship including myself. Each time she does, honestly I got carried away by her quiet and confidenct demeanor, so I get home forgetting all the details of the invite. I guess it was just mild boy-girl chemistry. Nothing serious to be suspected!

Olayinka Speaking: – On the other hand, Matthew was this well rounded young man with a heart that was obviously for God. His love for God and the things of God was unavoidable. And he was outstanding for knowing the meaning of most of the SAT words. As we all got along, we both connected, because we knew we had the same father (God) and somehow too, any intellectual discourse with him would end up leading to a Bible verse or a fascinating testimony. He  just had this charming scriptural sense and interpretation to things, soon everyone became his friend and you could tell when he wasn’t around.

Matthew would take a walk when it was time for me to leave the center just to walk out and continue a discussion, little did I know that Matthew was talking about this girl in EAC that was different and quiet ( lol…… not really) to everyone at home. And his whole family already knew me way before I knew them.

Fast forward to 2006 SAT lessons done, everyone gone their separate ways but we all somehow kept in touch especially us cause we would always exchange emails to encourage each other and talk about our faith in a foreign land. Sometime in 2006 PMatt (as fondly called by friends and Colleagues) told me about what God told him concerning being his wife and the specific word God gave him concerning me. I told him I was going to pray about it and get a word for myself but somewhere along the road we lost contact and we both went our separate ways.

All that period, were cumbered with tests, delays, temptations and worst of, the distance between us; that almost made me doubt if he heard God correctly or was just merely presumptuous. But the author of our song, still had the stanzas going.

When God has a plan for you and you make up your mind to obey and follow his leading regardless of what you have in mind or how you feel, you allow God to give you the next step and chart the course of your life; you will never suffer loss or heartache. I  got to that point in 2008 I couldn’t run anymore from what God told me! and God began to chart the course of our relationship from December 2008 when we spoke after so long.

Temi (as I – Olayinka call him) proposed on one of my visit to Nigeria on 10/10/10. He brought out a veil and wrapped it around my shoulder and told me the symbol of the veil while I was still reminiscing in that moment and how beautiful the veil was, he got on one knee and reminded me of what God told him about me in 2006 and how much I mean to him and what God is going to do with and through our relationship and union in the future, I wish i recorded that moment but I will never never never ever forget, I cried and cried and cried lol….. God blessed my broken roads that led me straight to the bone of my bones.

Our 12 year friendship became an eternal one on August 9th, 2014 to the glory of God! And am glad I (Matthew) dared my heart to wait on the Song writer to finish his work, because none could have so played out the lyrics in my life than she my wife has!

Photographer speaks: I met Eniola, Yinkas sister some 2 years ago when she and her mum came from the states to my office because she said she wanted to see the person behind the camera. When it was time for Yinka’s wedding, naturally what did you expect me to say, naturally.

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  • Stella - October 1, 2014 - 8:34 pm

    Beautiful love story. I liked how their paths crossed and it was evident that it was not a chance meeting – the Lord had orchestrated it all. I wish them a happy married life.ReplyCancel

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