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Tari+Ono: Worlds Best Couple

I thought it was a normal day when Onome called me to tell me Tari and Ono wanted me as their wedding photographer. I did not know it was not a normal day because it was a day I met a special set of people who where joining themselves in marriage to create more “specials”.

Tari and Ono’s story is such that is referred to as a fairy tale. Ono knew almost immediately that this woman is special. Five minutes after they met, they took a picture together looking as if they had been in love all their lives and that tells you just how perfect they are for each other.

Its not every day I meet a couple like this who go out of their way to ensure their videographer and photographers are happy and well taken care of. We felt special until we realised that, that is the nature of these two love birds. We were at best acquaintances before the wedding day and friends after the wedding day.

You would wonder if such people exist and how they are created. I would have too until I met Tari and Onos Family. It hit me then that this beautiful characteristic was genetically imbued. So I pose a question to all genetics students out their, is there a way we can extract this gene from these two and insert it into people around the world? The world would be better for it.

We would have to leave Eki out of this extraction though as she is the only one who refused I and Ejiro anything that day: SHE REFUSED TO GIVE US STARCH AND OWO ( a delicacy in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria). Eki now I have said it. You see how pained I was right? That owo smelt so deliciously that day and …. SMH.


Anyways so the day started and the fire that had forged these Ono and Tari’s love was evident in their rings.


Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-001-(Side-1) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-002-(Side-2)I met a fabulous make up artist at this wedding. Grace of Beauty and Grace Makeovers was awesome. I have only a few makeup artist I recommend in port harcourt and she has joined the list.  Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-003-(Side-3) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-004-(Side-4) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-005-(Side-5)Tari’s Gown is from Imani Swank. When i saw it i was blown away but i usually say i am never impressed with the beauty of a gown until i see the bride inside it. That is when you know if the gown is beautiful or not.
Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-006-(Side-6) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-007-(Side-7)These were the beautiful set of ladies who were on the train. Friendly, cultured, beautiful, poised describes them. Their smiles  radiated and lit up the room. From  the naughty and smily Sharon with her false ring :P, to the poised Nonye, to Miss Okere, to Rita, to Eki ( who did not give me…..Ok! I forgive you), to the gorgeous Odia, to the vivacious Chinwe and Dabota. Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-008-(Side-8)They were a great help and played out their parts at the maids of the bride perfectly. So well, I advised that they should open  a professional bridesmaids company Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-009-(Side-9)Isn’t she lovely?
Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-010-(Side-10) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-011-(Side-11) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-012-(Side-12) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-013-(Side-13)While we got the bride ready the groom was doing same as well.  Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-014-(Side-14)and he had taken time to customise the accessories he was wearing… well as his best man’s.  Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-015-(Side-15) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-016-(Side-16) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-017-(Side-17) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-018-(Side-18)Just before we left for church these two posed for a quick set of pictures while looking fresh. Break your myths and beliefs. They only hold u back from greatness and positivity. Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-019-(Side-19) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-020-(Side-20)The train joined in as well.
Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-021-(Side-21) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-022-(Side-22) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-023-(Side-23)Tari’s dad was so proud when he walked down the aisle with his daughter. His smile was beamed from ear to ear.
Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-024-(Side-24)and more than a dozen times we caught Ono stealing glances at the gorgeousness that stood beside him. I guess he couldnt believe the day had come finally. See him! LOL Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-025-(Side-25)Another one. Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-026-(Side-26)I give you this ring as a symbol of my love…… Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-027-(Side-27)and led her away after the joining with a look of Yeah!!! I did it….and a broad smile on Tari’s face.  Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-028-(Side-28)In the Limo ride to the reception this two were all over themselves. I think we should have reminded them to “get a room” but then they already had.
Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-029-(Side-29)The beautiful decoration of the hall had me speechless.  Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-030-(Side-30) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-031-(Side-31) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-032-(Side-32)Tari and Ono danced into the room to kick off the reception
Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-033-(Side-33) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-034-(Side-34) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-035-(Side-35) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-036-(Side-36)and they were soon followed by their mothers and joined by their fathers Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-037-(Side-37) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-038-(Side-38) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-039-(Side-39)In these tough times in Northern Nigeria, we were treated to the rare sight of the Chief of Defence Staff , Air Chief Marshall ALex Badeh who gave a speech on love and opened the ceremony.  Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-040-(Side-40)While all that was on, this young lady was only concerned about the delicacies on this table. I confess following her footsteps to the bowl of Pistachios that were on display on this table.  Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-041-(Side-41)WOW!! This cake was marvelous in both taste and sight.  Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-043-(Side-43)And we got a surprise appearance. You should be used to that joke were the MC comes up and says there is a guest artiste that is a surprise to the bride and bla bla bla then they start playing the named artistes CD and the crowd goes crazy and finally the MC yabs everyone for not paying for that artiste and yet expecting miracles.


Same plot, except this time, it was true. Brymo was in the house life to thrill everyone.  Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-044-(Side-44) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-045-(Side-45) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-046-(Side-46)After the initial dance steps, both parents were awarded a plaque by their children for being the worlds best parents. I would have agreed but after writing this post I will need to call my mother immediately ….;)
Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-047-(Side-47)And their event planner was voted the best event planner ever….. Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-048-(Side-48)Then the dancing began. First was Tari’s dad and his daughter Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-049-(Side-49)A small pause came to allow Tari and Eki show the world how PDP works.
Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-050-(Side-50)Notice that there is not contest from the ladies standing around Eki? She practically recieved the bouquet. Chai! Chai!! All of you that are sharing bouquet, there is God ooooo!  Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-051-(Side-51)Ono was then honoured with an induction into the Tiv way of life as he has spent a lot of his young life in Benue state.  Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-052-(Side-52)Then the party started. Ono’s mum kicked off the dancing and showed eveyone how you make faces while dancing.  Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-053-(Side-53)
Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-054-(Side-54) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-055-(Side-55) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-056-(Side-56)and from that point on it was steps upon steps as the crowd demanded more and more from the DJ


Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-057-(Side-57) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-058-(Side-58) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-059-(Side-59)At a point Tari’s mum had all the guys stunned with her moves and as they hovered around Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-060-(Side-60)Air Vice Marshall that he was, swooped in to rescue his wife
Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-061-(Side-61)Ejiro Onobrapkor forgot he was supposed to be capturing the couple and began to get captured himself… Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-062-(Side-62) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-063-(Side-63) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-064-(Side-64) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-065-(Side-65) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-066-(Side-66) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-067-(Side-67) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-068-(Side-68)At a point this would be how they both would look…..sometime soon in the future.
Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-069-(Side-69)but for now this is the way it is. Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-070-(Side-70)A happy brother punches the air. Yes!! We married another jewel.  Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-071-(Side-71)This picture shows everything love should be. The perfect definition of tenderness and romance.  Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-072-(Side-72) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-073-(Side-73) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-074-(Side-74) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-075-(Side-75)See what I mean when I say a brides gown is only as beautiful as the bride. I was blown away. Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-076-(Side-76) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-077-(Side-77) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-078-(Side-78) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-079-(Side-79) Blog-Template---Ono-and-Tari-080-(Side-80)Beautiful right? Just the way i thought as well. Beautiful and every bit of the day was enjoyable.

Please do not forget to drop a comment for the beautiful couple  below.

©Akara Ogheneworo Photography

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    Expertly planned, expertly executed. Professionally captured, documented and disseminated. Awesome couple

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    I love the pics!Thanks Akara! I had my dream wedding and have so many lovely pictures to keep the memory alive. : DReplyCancel

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    Two of the groomsmen were my collueages from Uniport. YaaaY!!!

    Upee wedding for sure. Happy married life tari and ono.
    Great work Akara Ogheneworo.ReplyCancel

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