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Sonia and Nonso: The Muson Centre Wedding

Muson Centre, Lagos, Nigeria is one of the best places to shoot a wedding in Lagos. The lighting is beautiful and a decorator  can easily create a beautiful experience for any couple in this hall. There is a huge parking space as well for everyone to fit their cars into and all in all its one of those places I will recommend to any couple to use as a wedding reception venue.

Sonia and Nonso’s wedding was a very big one. They had a huge collection of friends and family that came to celebrate with them, as most top end Nigerian weddings go, and at the end of the day we had a wonderful experience as the DJ made everyone dance,  old and new alike. The food and drinks were also in abundance.

One of the things we enjoyed was the fact that  Sonia was willing to do a lot of pictures, and as a passionate wedding photographer, nothing beats that for me. . She had fun taking her pictures and the collection you see here was a testament to her willingness to record her day. We love brides like this.  I am unhappy when I go to a wedding and feel like i did not take enough pictures because we did not have enough time. As much as we try to manage the time to the best of our abilities, things can slip when a couple do not cherish their photographs enough to create time for them.

I love it when a bride chooses to dress up in a hotel. To a large extent, it guarantees peace for the wedding party without the usual interruption from Aunts, cousins and other family members. It also guarantees a beautiful location for pictures and if well planned, with proximity to the wedding venues as a factor of choice,  there is usually more time for a wedding photographer to creatively interprete the venue.
Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-001-(Side-1)These small things make our wedding day. From the band to the perfumes, to the dresses. A lil mistake in them and all goes wrong.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-002-(Side-2) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-003-(Side-3)The care and time put into buying all of these requires therefore that we capture them for the bride and grooms album.
Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-004-(Side-4)I have a thing for wrist watches and I loved this Nonso’s watch.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-005-(Side-5)Finally, it was time to get the bride ready. We had a funfilled time with everyone in the room laughing, gisting and having fun.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-006-(Side-6) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-007-(Side-7)As the bride began to appear from underneath the work of our make up artist, her beauty took our breathe away. We could just imagine Nonso and his mouth dropping when he saw his bride.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-008-(Side-8)Is this the most taken pose in the history of wedding photography? Even the worlds best wedding photographers find this a regular in every wedding.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-009-(Side-9)Nothing beats a rambunctious crowd of bridesmaid.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-010-(Side-10) Finally, when we started taking portraits of Sonia, even I was blown away.
Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-011-(Side-11) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-012-(Side-12)While Sonia dressed up and took her photographs, Nonso was getting ready with his best man and they were not in a hurry. They took their time to look dapper.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-013-(Side-13) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-014-(Side-14) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-015-(Side-15) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-016-(Side-16) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-017-(Side-17)Meanwhile, Sonia was all smiles as she kept blowing every one away with her beauty.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-018-(Side-18) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-019-(Side-19)This is my favourite shot of the session. The technicalilty required to pull this off had me taking this shot like a million times.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-021-(Side-21) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-022-(Side-22) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-023-(Side-23) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-024-(Side-24)Another of my favourites. I had a Canon 70-200mm IS II L Lens on my 5D MkIII with this shot. I asked the bride to twirl. We did this a number of times before we got this shot. Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-025-(Side-25) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-026-(Side-26) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-027-(Side-27)Sonia and Nonso chose The Church Of Assumption, Falomo Ikoyi for their white wedding ceremony. It is a beautiful church with relaxed rules on shooting wedding photography. The priest who conducted their wedding was a cool guy 😉
Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-028-(Side-28)Very soon, we were done with the ceremony itself and where presented with the “newest couple in the world” as they all are.

When they say that I usually smile and tell myself, that this must be the most short lived title in the whole world, because as you are pronouncing them as the newest couple, how many other couples are being pronounced as the same around the world?
Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-029-(Side-29)I frankly do not know what this guy was gazing at but, it definitely must concern his future and he was focused on it.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-030-(Side-30)and our beautiful bridesmaids were showing off their smiles 🙂 Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-031-(Side-31)I couldn’t help smiling at this fashionista’s care for his glasses
Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-032-(Side-32) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-033-(Side-33) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-034-(Side-34)After Church was over, we went back to our hotel to take some more pictures of the couple and the wedding train.
Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-035-(Side-35) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-036-(Side-36) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-037-(Side-37) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-038-(Side-38) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-039-(Side-39) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-040-(Side-40)At the reception venue, we met a stage covered in petals.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-041-(Side-41)and a hanging cake, suspended from the roof. Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-042-(Side-42)The lively bridal party danced in first to usher in the bride and groom. Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-043-(Side-43)after which the couple “shokied” into the hall Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-044-(Side-44) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-045-(Side-45) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-046-(Side-46)To the delight of the huge crowd that was waiting for them inside Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-047-(Side-47) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-048-(Side-48)These two love themselves. It was obvious to anyone looking at them.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-049-(Side-49) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-050-(Side-50)Sonia got a surprise wedding gift  and she could not contain her joy. A brand new car!!  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-051-(Side-51)After all the activities of the day were concluded, it was dancing time and did the money rain down? WOW!!! These guys struggled to outdo each other in the spraying spree.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-052-(Side-52) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-053-(Side-53) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-054-(Side-54)I guess at this point Nonso was basically saying, I am satisfied. Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-055-(Side-55)As the greetings and hugs were being exchanged on the dance floor, the DJ kept belting it out for us. Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-056-(Side-56) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-057-(Side-57) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-058-(Side-58)Even the younger ones at the venue were not left out in the dancing and celebration. Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-059-(Side-59) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-060-(Side-60)Sonia’s evening dress was beautiful. Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-061-(Side-61) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-062-(Side-62)After throwing her bouquet, it was time for the after party to start and we had fun here. This DJ was good.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-063-(Side-63)So good this guy could not contain himself. Getout! He seemed to say! You are good!!!! Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-064-(Side-64) Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-065-(Side-65)Sonia here was basically looking at Nonso, i guess they were saying, we had the wedding of our dreams. Now lets go and make it a marriage of a lifetime.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-066-(Side-66)The music was still on, the Dj was still showing off, the crowd was shouting and screaming for more. But thees two were cocooned in their love nest, oblivious to all around them.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-067-(Side-67)The music was good, so good the children joined the dance floor to boogie it out with some “shoki”.   Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-068-(Side-68)I guess this couple wanted to point the way to the dancing crowd as things started winding down.  Sonia-and-Nonso---Akara-Ogheneworo-Photography---Top-Nigerian-Wedding-Photorapher-069-(Side-69)

This is another amazing wedding we covered last year. One thing i am beginning to appreciate is not just the beautiful halls, the beautiful decorations, the beautiful cakes, but the beautiful souls i am meeting at my wedding. Sonia and Nonso are a beautiful set of humans. Unique in their own way.

I wish them all the love they have shown they deserve.

Join me say a prayer for them to a wonderful marriage and a lifetime of bliss.

If you want us to cover your wedding as we did this feel free to send us an email ( or give us a call on +2348025019121 or +23412957641. We look forward to covering your wedding as well.


©Akara Ogheneworo Photography

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