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Love Is: Series 1 Episode 1

Love is, is a musical show directed by Icee Nweke and which aims to reveal the mysterious meaning of love to us. It is a show that has been on going for a while in Lagos and which maiden edition I covered. We were reunited again in December and it was a marvelous experience with this caste and crew.

It features some of the best dancers in Nigeria and the talent on stage wowed everyone present.

I tried to chronicle this story from the behind the stage scenes till the very end and I hope I showed you what you missed. I broke it down into 6 parts that will run for a while. So watch this space for each new one weekly.

Love-Is---The-Musical-001-(Side-1) Love-Is---The-Musical-002-(Side-2)The Hall, The Eko Hotels Expo Centre was beautiful as usual Love-Is---The-Musical-003-(Side-3) Love-Is---The-Musical-004-(Side-4)And while the dancers got ready behind the stage, we had the guest in front in a cocktail session. Love-Is---The-Musical-005-(Side-5) Love-Is---The-Musical-006-(Side-6)Timi Dakolo, who later performed was at the back greeting performers Love-Is---The-Musical-007-(Side-7)and he led a prayer session with the dancers before it all started.  Love-Is---The-Musical-008-(Side-8)First on the stage was this talented self taught violinist who stunned everyone present with his skill as Frank Konwea Love-Is---The-Musical-009-(Side-9) Love-Is---The-Musical-010-(Side-10)As our master of ceremony stepped up to start the session we knew we were in for a fantastic session.  Love-Is---The-Musical-011-(Side-11)The lady who saw the potential of this show as a world touring caste was on stage moments later to share her experience and vision with us.
Love-Is---The-Musical-012-(Side-12)And afterwards we started with a beautiful opera like opening.  Love-Is---The-Musical-013-(Side-13) Love-Is---The-Musical-014-(Side-14) Love-Is---The-Musical-015-(Side-15) Love-Is---The-Musical-016-(Side-16) Love-Is---The-Musical-017-(Side-17) Love-Is---The-Musical-018-(Side-18) Love-Is---The-Musical-019-(Side-19) Love-Is---The-Musical-020-(Side-20)Followed by this beautiful dance routine that go all guests drooling at their tables.
Love-Is---The-Musical-022-(Side-22) Love-Is---The-Musical-023-(Side-23) Love-Is---The-Musical-024-(Side-24) Love-Is---The-Musical-025-(Side-25) Love-Is---The-Musical-026-(Side-26) Love-Is---The-Musical-027-(Side-27)When finally Icee came on stage everything became electrified and animated. He is just good like that! Love-Is---The-Musical-028-(Side-28)Ukalina spun more vigorously after Icee’s entrance.  Love-Is---The-Musical-029-(Side-29) Love-Is---The-Musical-030-(Side-30) Love-Is---The-Musical-031-(Side-31) Love-Is---The-Musical-032-(Side-32) Love-Is---The-Musical-033-(Side-33) Love-Is---The-Musical-034-(Side-34) Love-Is---The-Musical-035-(Side-35) Love-Is---The-Musical-036-(Side-36)This is just part one of a great dance musical. You do not want to miss a single part of it.

We love shooting concerts, both dance and music concerts. Reach us on if you have one for us.


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