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Bami+Amaka: At Home With Love

Amaka is not new on this blog. She has been here before, from the time when her sister Isioma married Vini and I shot that wedding.

Amaka and Bami and the kind of couple I love to shoot. They love themselves and it showed all through their celebration.

blog-post-template-001-side-1 blog-post-template-002-side-2But it is not just the love between both of them that shone. The love between the members of the family was awesome and glaring for all to see.  Amaka’s mum was showing her love here by ensuring she blended her eyebrow and came out looking beautiful.

This is one of my favourite photographs from the day. In another 50years, the emotional value of this photograph to Amaka will become elevated beyond measure.

blog-post-template-003-side-3Amaka looked beautiful on her day and very sassy as well. blog-post-template-005-side-5 blog-post-template-006-side-6 blog-post-template-007-side-7 blog-post-template-008-side-8 blog-post-template-009-side-9Bami on the other hand was having fun.
blog-post-template-011-side-11 blog-post-template-012-side-12When he was ready, he looked every bit as handsome as he was in Amaka’s mind.
blog-post-template-014-side-14 blog-post-template-015-side-15 blog-post-template-016-side-16 blog-post-template-017-side-17When the time for proper ceremonies began, It was a serious affair.  blog-post-template-018-side-18With both families all seated together, these two were joined together  blog-post-template-019-side-19And all the rights were performed to formalise their union.
blog-post-template-020-side-20 blog-post-template-021-side-21 blog-post-template-022-side-22 blog-post-template-023-side-23 blog-post-template-024-side-24 blog-post-template-025-side-25 blog-post-template-026-side-26 blog-post-template-027-side-27 blog-post-template-028-side-28And the dancing began. You could see everyone was happy.  blog-post-template-029-side-29 blog-post-template-030-side-30 blog-post-template-031-side-31

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