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The REV Concert:The Art Of Music and Photography.

Church4Real hosted Revelation Concert 2 and like every thing they do it was lined with excellence.

This goes down as one of the most exciting concerts I have attended in recent times.

The hype generated about REV met its match in action on the D day as all who attended had fun to the brim.

It started with people trickling in as the rain also feigned a threat to trickle down but it was never to be as prayer halted it in its tracks.  All around the organizers where busy with the arrangements as the neighbourhood stared and wondered what was up.

O!  If only they knew what they were in for.  As we settled in, some people posed for a good shot, others just had a good pose for a good shot.  Eventually it all started with Buchi the comedian coming on stage to declare the rain to stop and claiming we ain’t going no where……….”We tie them!”  He went on to rattle the crowd with some rib crackling jokes and it was evident he was doing a great job Finally the moment we all gathered for came. Music began with the sonorous voice of Nosa who came on to sing ” I go always pray for you” And as more worship songs bellowed from the speakers, you could see the multitude had gone into the spirit in spite of the dark, rumbling clouds overhead. The protocol team was working assiduously to make things run smoothly in the background.  and there a number of colleagues working the shots in the grounds with heavy duty equipment. I loved this sequence of dance steps from this granny. She was just doing the alanta steps on her own.  By now, every one was in second gear and lost to the rhythm of the songs Onos came on stage and sent us to another level still. The last shot to the right with her hair flying, my favourite………… Finally Frank Edwards, the man of the moment came on to lead us in those beautiful worship songs of his and men this boy sure can sing. He has some very tight note compositions and arrangements and he has the voice to go with it.  I totally love these shots  but this is my favourite. and must I say he has this way of making you know he actually feels the songs he sings.His facial construction, his movement, all ministers to you. Frank Edwards, you are it! The University of Lagos Joint Christian Campus Fellowship Choir were also around and the play of lights on gave room for some of the best photographs I have ever taken…..the next series of pictures When Samsong came up, I realised that this guy has always been there for every major Christian concert I have attended. I give it to you brother for your consistency.
and I love this shot Finally Pastor Odi walked in to share the word and give the call and souls were saved. Lots of souls. The BNG crew! A Church for Real Concert without the BNG crew? Never! O! and they rocked the crowd to their feet with their acrobatic display. This guys ain’t growing old no time soon.  And just when we thought what else could we be getting from this, Rooftop MCs walked in through the light and everyone started somersaulting and going beserk…………. Oh, you were expecting pictures of somersaults and back flips? Sorry, I have to maintain people’s dignity. 😀  I can’t say all that happened here. I can’t even blog all the pictures here. I can only ask that you plan for next year, Rev Concert 3!!!

©Akara Ogheneworo Photography

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  • Bolanle - July 26, 2011 - 2:58 pm

    This is absolutely fantastic. Wow! Ak you captured this beautifully well. Thumbs up!!!!ReplyCancel

  • The Relentless Builder - July 26, 2011 - 6:11 pm

    You did a great job of capturing the interesting parts of the concert. I can see what I missed, just by looking through the pictures. My favorite parts were the dancing granny and people in the crowd responding to whatever was going on on the stage. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

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