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The True Yoruba Royal Wedding: Taiwo Olashore and Olawunmi Jide-Taiwo

Frankly?  They dont come bigger than this. This was a Top Nigerian Wedding through and through. The daughter of the Estate Mogul, Chief Jide Taiwo marrying the son of an Oba Olashore and with CNN covering every detail of the event. This was one huge ceremony and it was fun all the way.

You can watch a video of yours sincerely and the crew doing our thing @

The day started in an amazing way. At the residence of the Taiwo’s,  I met a relaxed household confident every thing was as it should be in the hands of the very efficient Funke Bucknor Obruthe of Zapphaire events, one of Nigeria’s top event management outfit.

Before long, the preparations started to meet the time for the day. Quality reverberated through out this event, as the vendors where all the top names in the industry.  Banke Meshida was on the floor for make up. O Boy! Did she do a fantastic job? Momsie was not going to be outdone in the preparations, She took her time to come out smashing before she left for the venue. And then the final touches to the bride were put in place to make her exquisite. Finally, she granted CNN Inside Africa’s Christian Purefoy his much sort after interview and took some pictures. And then it was time for the ceremony proper. If you are getting married soon and do not know how a Yoruba wedding goes, this will aid your knowledge and preparation and therefore I have tried to blog this in details. As is the routine for all Yoruba, serious business begins with the reading of the proposal letter from the grooms family which is first presented to the mother of the bride who dances around to present it to the family and finally her husband. The proposal letter in a Yoruba traditional wedding is worded as below. In most cases a female member of the brides family, in this case the brides beautiful sister 🙂 Dayo Taiwo did the reading. If a favorable reply is sent to the grooms family, the groom is then requested to come in with a retinue of his friends for support. On the way to meet the family he drops a bit of money for different members of the family and the spokeswoman (Alaga ijoko) of the family. This amounts are never set and are at the discretion of the groom and the monetary appetite of the spokeswoman. Some Alaga ijokos can be extortive. The groom then prostrates before the brides family to literally beg for her hand in marriage and to state that he is not being forced into this marriage. The bride is asked in next to reveal if she accepts the proposal from the groom. If she accepts she is prayed for and presented to the grooms family in a veil which is put on by the mum. This can be an emotional moment that leads to tears, as it is the moment you give away your daughter. The grooms family unveils the bride and confirms she is the one they want and pray for her before she is led to her husband who has to whisk her off her feet ( maybe, the traditional carrying over the threshold). The groom then presents her with a ring as a symbol of their love and is then asked to show his affection for her. Hmmmmmm! This part is not in the routine, but when i saw this i took this photograph and asked myself  ‘ Is this a competition of whose ring is bigger or better? ‘ 🙂 Then the cake is cut, the couple feed themselves, and the bride is officially handed over to the family of the groom who in turn hands her over to the groom And that ends the normal steps for a Yoruba Traditional Wedding

Christian was active all through covering this event for CNN.

Seeing that the bride has a Benin Kingdom heritage, that part was not going to be outdone and they came out in the traditional Benin attire and delighted the crowd with their dance steps. The bride also had to change to a Benin dress to pay her respect to that part of the heritage. and then it ended.

But I am not going to end this post without this picture of a guest below. I loved the swag/attitude in this pose and it is my favorite in the lot. Which is your favorite?

I hope for all you guys out there who will be having a Yoruba Wedding this has helped? You can email me for more tips and info at

©Akara Ogheneworo Photography

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