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It is not just the pictures we deliver that make people happy. It is the way we go about making your day special.

For us the photographer is the most important person on the wedding day. He wants the decoration and lighting  to be perfect. He wants the DJ to play good music. He wants the couple to be relaxed and enjoy their day. He is ready to give advice based on his experiences to ensure you have a great experience on your wedding day.

We recognize this and so we give more than you expect. It is not just great photographs we deliver, we deliver a great experience. The sense of humour we bring into your day keeps you happy and relaxed continually, couple that with our readiness to be the ” bad guys” who will help deflect pressure from every body around you ( including your relatives) on your wedding day.

I will be sharing our clients testimonies from time to time. See the following below.
Rebecca Sumbo Ajose:  Akara, I had my doubts when my daughter- Abby told me she found a “great” photographer on FB. I wasn’t sure what to expect especially considering my experiences with Naija “business” folks in the few months preceeding the wedding. I believe I called you to see how you measure up. (Yes she did call).

I have to tell you now that all doubts melted away within just a few minutes of meeting you on the big day. I totally fell in love with your charming personality, professionalism and the top notch crew was an icing on the cake. In spite of the pressure, you un-nerved everyone with your calm demeanor, charm and jokes. I say a BIG THANK YOU and wish you continued success:)



This was the mother of the bride and this message can be validated on our Facebook page.

Abisoye Adewumi:  Akara, thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding day a success. Your professionalism, calmness, and of course humor truly eased the day amid all the wedding day hoopla. Rotimi Adewumi and I are very grateful and are so excited you were a part of it all. Looking forward to seeing the pics and many more chances to work together. Thanks again.

This message can be validated on our Facebook page.

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