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Wearing The Dress – Daddy, Mommy, Daughter Saga

I was in Benin last week Sunday – My birthday- and I did a photo shoot of this beautiful baby and her family.

The events of this time I tried to capture photographically……………LWKMD when i remember what happened.

Wearing The Dress should leave you ROTFL…..You will love the following.

Alero was all surprised to see me with my gear…..She wondered, i am sure, “what is he here for?”.

….To photograph your majesty i said, and waited for her to get up and get ready!

Come on she said! Princess….Cool and calm. Take me here and make sure…. Hey!! Did you get the bear earlier on?? Yes ma’am i said. Good Boy!! Now help me get outta here… I need to get a change of clothes. I hope daddy leaves Nadal and Berdych to wear me my dress…. He is usually as engrossed as i get at times with Wimbledon. Hey!! Pop, I need you to wear me my dress please…. Mom, can you get daddy a dress to put on me? Please. Guys!!! pay attention this is were the real drama started….

Dad:- where is the front of this dress????

Mom:- the side with the buttons Daddy!!!! take this thing down and off my eyes…. This is going to be a hell of an experience……Who sent me to ask daddy now? Daddy:- how can you say this side is the front? This is the front now…Ah!! Ah!!! Momsie:- This is the front side jo! This side with the buttons. I wear this baby this dress every day..

Alero:- see this people o!! Me!!! “this baby”. I wish they can hear my words.

Daddy:- See if you do want me to wear this baby this clothe as i like, abeg leave me to watch my wimbledon final o!!

I beg take your baby jo and let me continue this match…I dont want to miss Nadal’s serve o! Are you holding her? My eye is not there again o! Alero:- wow! Next time i will just call mama to wear my dress and ask daddy to just hold me for her….less nerve wracking you know. I am fine right…You can say that again!!(wink) What can we do without mothers! Thumbs up to all  you mothers out there. Mummy:- Now my baby lets get you to sleep on Daddy’s broad shoulders. This  was an experience…one i will always relive with this pictures. Now I can rest secure in Dads secure and comforting arms. O! what mummy enjoys. This beautiful family were such fun to be with. Thanks guys. A.

©Akara Ogheneworo Photography

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  • Ewoma - July 10, 2010 - 10:17 pm

    Woro, Oghene ghalo we…
    this is absolutely gorgeous, thanx dear…ReplyCancel

  • Ngozi U. - July 10, 2010 - 11:42 pm

    Ewoma this ur baby fine gan! i like the comments before each pic really funny lwkmd!, na the war una dey do everyday to wear am cloth?ReplyCancel

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