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Yearly Archives: 2011


Dafe and Amina’s Traditional Wedding

Dafe was getting married to Amina and he was obviously excited that this day had come. Dafe said, “You only marryClick To View Full Post »


The Ilorin Wedding: Kalthumi Lawals Perspective

Kalthumi Lawal is a beautiful bride. That is just exactly how you say it. Wait for the pictures and decide forClick To View Full Post »


The Country Shoot Of Kelly and Oge

I work out of Lagos, Kelly works out of Port Harcourt, we had to find a common ground to meet up to do this preweddingClick To View Full Post »


The True Yoruba Royal Wedding: Taiwo Olashore and Olawunmi Jide-Taiwo

Frankly?  They dont come bigger than this. This was a Top Nigerian Wedding through and through. The daughter of theClick To View Full Post »


A New Direction

Hi guys, Its been some time. Its been over a month since I have added anything to this blog. In that time we haveClick To View Full Post »


Ochanya and Tunde

Ochanya is the kind of bride that makes you wanna…………………but drives you to doClick To View Full Post »


The REV Concert:The Art Of Music and Photography.

Church4Real hosted Revelation Concert 2 and like every thing they do it was lined with excellence. This goes down asClick To View Full Post »


Sola and Jola: The Fellowship of Friends.

This was a wedding I shot some time ago. Its been very hectic trying to keep up with demand and delivery of albums soClick To View Full Post »


Mary and Rawlings: Love at The City Mall

Rawlings titilates Mary!  End of story! She just seems to come alive in his presence and bounce of the wallsClick To View Full Post »

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